Spring 2002 | Rotterdam

The Rotterdam Museum Boijmans has purchased an important drawing by the Utrecht painter Abraham Bloemaert (1564-1651), which was once part of the Johann Goll van Franckenstein Collection in Amsterdam. For details, scan the illustration with your mouse. The painting for which the drawing served as a model was already in the museum’s possession since 1937.

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Spring 2002 | New York

An important drawing by Willem van Mieris, hitherto only known from sources, representing the biblical scene of Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife has been acquired by the Morgan Library. The gouache on vellum (170 by 143 mm.) once belonged to the series of twenty highly attractive miniature-like drawings that Van Mieris made over a period of five years from 1691 to 1696. The series once belonged to the Amsterdam collector Jonas Witsen (1733-1788) and was dispersed in the sale of his estate in 1790. It was published by Albert Elen in Delineavit et Sculpsit, volume 15 in 1995; the drawing now acquired by The Pierpont Morgan Library, which had not surfaced until recently, was published by Elen in art dealer Bob Haboldt’s recent sale catalogue Northern European Old Master Drawings and Oil Sketches (New York/Paris 2001-2002), as no. 59 (with colour plate).


16 December 2001 – 28 April 2002 | Haarlem – Paris

A wonderful exhibition of famous drawings in 18th-century Dutch collections, in Haarlem’s Teylers Museum (16 Dec.-17 Feb. 2002) and in the Institut Néerlandais in Paris (28 Feb.-28 April 2002). The exhibition is accompanied by a set of two bound volumes, one by Michiel C. Plomp on the subject of collecting of drawings in Holland in the 18th century, the other the catalogue to the exhibition. See also our publications page.


10 September 2001 | Rome

The 26th congress (Paper as a medium of cultural heritage) of the International Association of Paper Historians (IPH) will be held in Rome-Verona from 30 August – 6 September 2002 and will concentrate on …

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1 September 2001 | Rotterdam

Today the long-awaited Bosch exhibition was opened in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam in the presence of Queen Beatrix. The exhibition includes eight original paintings by the Dutch master, …

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