Jan Wierix, The Painter Apelles in His Workshop with Patron and Model, drawing, 1600. Museum Mayer van den Bergh, Antwerp

Renaissance drawings from private Antwerp collections

 25 October 2014 – 25 January 2015 | Antwerp

For the first time ever Museum Mayer van den Bergh presents 42 Renaissance drawings from the collections of private Antwerp collectors. The exhibition highlights the various functions of drawings in the sixteenth century, as a source of inspiration for a subsequent work, as a sketch for paintings for example or as an individual artwork.

The exhibition was developed in collaboration with the University of Ghent where students of Art History examined the drawings with specialists.

Read more (below, click hyperlink) about this Ménage à trois (university-museum-private collectors) in an article by Lode Goukens.

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