Michael Matile (a.o.)
Zwiegespräch mit Zeichnungen. Werke des 15. bis 18. Jahrhunderts aus der Sammlung Robert Landolt
Zürich (Graphische Sammlung ETH Zürich/Michael Imhof Verlag) 2013

ISBN-978-3-86568-752-4 | bound |208 pp. | € 29,95

Handsome exhibition catalogue of a selection of drawings from the Swiss private collection of the late dr. Robert Landolt (1913-2008). This collection,  formed between 1945 and 2008, holds 450 drawings of all schools, especially the Italian (exhib. cat. nos. 1-45), the Netherlandish (45-68) and the German (70-80). The entries have been written by a team of international experts including Peter Schatborn and Thomas Ketelsen for the Netherlandish drawings, which include both sixteenth and seventeenth-century masters like Herri met de Bles, Hans Bol, Goltzius. Jordaens, Jacob Backer and Arent de Gelder. The bulk of the entries, though, was written by Michael Matile, curator in charge of the exhibition and catalogue.

See also the website of the Graphische Sammlung ETH.