18 September 2023 / The Hague

The board of Delineavit et Sculpsit is pleased to announce that Marjolein Leesberg will join our editorial team as a seventh member. Marjolein is a respected connaisseur of Old Master prints. She graduated in 1985 at Utrecht University, where she studied Art History under professor Emil Reznicek and wrote a master thesis on Karel van Mander’s paintings.

For nearly 25 years she has been actively involved in the compilation, editing and publication of an impressive number of volumes in The New Hollstein series of Dutch & Flemish Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts ca. 1450-1700, including Karel van Mander (1999), The De Gheyn Family Parts I-II (2000, with Jan Piet Filedt Kok), P. Galle Parts I-IV (2001, with Manfred Sellink), The Wierix Family Parts I to XI (2003-04, with Zsuzsanna van Ruyven-Zeman), The Collaert Dynasty Parts I-VIII (2005-06, with Ann Diels), Johannes Stradanus Parts I-III (2008), Hendrick Goltzius Parts I-IV (2012) and The De Jode Dynasty Parts I-X (2018-20, parts I-IV in collaboration with the editor Peter van der Coelen, now chairman of Delineavit et Sculpsit). Presently she is working on the volumes of The De Passe Dynasty

In recent years Marjolein contributed two articles to our periodical: ‘The De Jode Dynasty: additions to the work of Gerard de Jode, Pieter de Jode I, and Pieter de Jode II’, Delineavit et Sculpsit 49 (2020), pp. 36-57, and ‘A large Collection of Excellent, Artistic, Interesting Art on Paper’. The legacy of Jan Harmensz. Muller and the print collection of Cornelis Dircksz. Cool and Cornelis Cornelisz. Cool’, Delineavit et Sculpsit 50 (2022), pp. 17-36.