Hercules Segers

22 November & 2 December 2016 | Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum

On the occasion of the exhibition Frans Post. Animals in Brazil and Hercules Segers the Rijksmuseum is hosting two symposia. On Tuesday 22 November Alexander de Bruin, curator at the Noord-Hollands Archief in Haarlem, will talk about his spectacular discovery of thirty-four completely unknown drawings of Brazilian animals by Frans Post (1612-1680). The recent discovery calls for a new perspective on the work of Post himself and the collaboration and interaction within the group of artists that joined Johan Maurits as governor of the Dutch colony in Brazil in 1637.
Furthermore, on Friday 2 December a team of scholars will present their extensive research on the small, but yet mysterious oeuvre of Hercules Segers (1589/90-1633/40).

For more information, see the Post-link and the Segers-link.