A subscription covers one series of five issues (new series: nos. 51-55). The frequency of appearance is one or two issues per year.

Subscription rates, including postage:

€ 83 (domestic NL postal address) € 97 (EU) € 120 (outside the EU)

For ordering a new subscription (starting with the new series, nos. 51-55) or change of address please contact our treasurer.

Your subscription will be automatically continued for the following series, unless you indicate that you only want the running series.

Back issues can only be purchased as part of a complete set of all series published so far, with the exception of the running series. We do not provide single back issues.

Series 1-10 (issues 1-45): € 495 + insured postage € 14,45 (NL), € 35 (EU), € 68,30 (outside the EU) Weight of series 1-45: 8,54 kg (excluding package). Series 11 (issues 46-50): 79 euro extra.

The additional costs of postage depend on the weight of your package. Please check the actual rates (use the droplist to select the country of destination).

For ordering a complete set of back issues please contact our treasurer.